Crystal Healing Therapy

A crystal practitioner places a variety of crystals around or on their clients, often at acupuncture points, energy meridians, chakra sites, or areas of pain. Clients remain fully clothed and sessions last about an hour. The crystals induce stress reduction, deep relaxation, energy balance, and diminish pain.

Watches with quartz movement are an example of how crystals share energy. The crystal in the watch holds energy emitted from a battery. The crystal then vibrates at a precise rate that keeps the watch “on time.” All crystals absorb, hold, and release energy just as quartz does. That vibration has a healing effect on humans and animals. Many people take advantage of this energy by wearing jewelry made with crystals.

Every person is surrounded by electro-magnetic energy fields that have traditionally been called subtle bodies; together the subtle bodies create the human aura. Not only do the electromagnetic fields surround us but permeate our bodies as well. The vibrations released by crystals bring our energy fields back to their natural frequency.

Each type of crystal affects our energy fields in a particular way. For example, yellow citrine lifts the mood, amethyst settles the mind, and rose quartz soothes heartache. Practitioners choose crystals applicable to their client’s’ specific problems. The crystals can focus, direct, diffuse, or absorb energy from the client’s fields, depending on how and where they are placed.

One common practice is to place crystals connected to specific chakras on the client’s chakra points. Chakras are important because they absorb life energy (prana) into our body. The crystals on the chakra points create a link between the energy fields and the client’s organs, glands, and emotions, bringing the body’s energy into balance.

Crystals Associated with the Seven Chakras
  1. Root Chakra: rubies, garnet onyx, red jasper
  2. Navel Chakra: hematite, orange zincite, moonstone, carnelian
  3. Solar Plexus: topaz, citrine, amber
  4. Heart Chakra: rose quartz, chinese fluorite
  5. Throat Chakra: turquoise, blue lace agate, aquamarine
  6. Third Eye: sapphire, lapis, lazuli, turquoise
  7. Crown Chakra: amethyst, clear quartz

The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organizations (ACHO) has a list of qualified practitioners, and of schools that provide crystal healing education. There are numerous ways (books, DVDs, websites) to teach yourself about crystals and apply basic techniques for your own, and your family’s, health.


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